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Welcome to Ecuador!

Traveling to Ecuador

As tourism is one of this country's best source of income, all travelers are welcomed.   The only requirements are that you have:

a)  a valid passport.
b)  a two-way ticket.

c:)  As with any other country, you will need to show that you have the means to support yourself while in Ecuador.

Please note that people from these countries should go to the Ecuadorian Consulate to get visas:  Algeria, Bangladesh, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya,  Nicaragua, Nigeria,  North Korea, Pakistan, Palestine Authority,  Panama,  People's Republic of China, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tunisia and Vietnam.

US citizens can stay in Ecuador for 90 days without a visa.

All major airlines go to Ecuador. American, Continental, Air France, etc.

The best source for current traveling alerts for any country other than the U.S., you should visit the U.S. Department of State @  and select the travel warnings link.  This site is updated daily and has the best information on any country.


Hey, I almost forgot about the tips.


  • Do eat all you want, the food is safe.  You may want to taste Ceviche, Cuy - can't tell you what it is, but don't miss it, Hornado, Tamales, Musgaratas, the best. etc.

  • Do drink Chicha.  It is a drink made from corn, barley, or fruit.  We can't warn you enough, this stuff kicks ....

  •  Do visit Otavalo.  If you are there during one of the "FIESTAS," you will have a blast.  Check out the dates at the Otavalo ATTRACTIONS link.

  • Do visit the "Museo del Banco Central"  Here you will find the whole Art History of Ecuador from Pre-Inca to Modern.

  • Do go to the mountain picks and enjoy the majestic views.  The air is thin, so take your time.

  • Pack a First Aid box, you may need it, specially if you get sick in the middle of the nigh.

  • Do go to Galapagos if you have the time.  It is only about $300 to $500 for a plane ticket and about $500 for your three to four day stay.  This is paradise!



  • Don't drink water, unless cooked (boiled).  We do not recommend you having juices, only if they are 100% juice.  it is best to buy bottled drinks.

  • Don't walk by yourself at night.  If you go in a group it is much safer.  I guess everyone knows that.

  • Don't take too much money out of you pockets at once.  Some thieves may notice and you had it mate.

  • Don't drive the wrong way (i.e. driving the opposite way on a one way road)  You may have to pay money to the policeman (it usually works in Ecuador, what can I tell you it is the truth) or spend a few days in jail. 

  • Call the cops "Mi Sargento," they really go for it.

  • Don't drink and drive you may end up at the bottom of a hill as the roads are very narrow.

  • Don't eat at those places where you see a whole pig hanging, unless you really love pork.  Actually it is pretty good stuff.

  • Don't forget to reconfirm your flight 3 days in advance, else you may have to spend a few days more in Ecuador.






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