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Galapagos - 3D Movie
A Scientific Expedition


GALAPAGOS the movie - A Galapagos Adventure in 3D with Dr. Carole  Baldwin GALAPAGOS - SYNOPSIS

Traveling to the equator and across the Pacific Ocean, you arrive in the spectacular world of the Galápagos archipelago by air and by sea, just as every other species that has come before you during the past few million years.  Islands that appear as moonscapes with hardened swirls of black lava rock are in stark contrast to others that cradle lush green vegetation in their highlands.

Giant Galápagos tortoises, marine iguanas, and unusual birds all appear tame and even curious about your presence.  Sea lions pups frolic with you in tidal pools, and schools of hammerhead sharks swim above, as you dive into the depths of the waters surrounding the islands.

A group of inquisitive moray eels emerge from their cave near an underwater lava to look at you, jaws gaping, just as you are looking at them.  Descending into the darkness of the ocean in a high-tech submersible, you gaze at luminescent sea cucumbers, brilliantly colored crustaceans, and species of animals no human has seen before.

You are with an explorer — a scientist from the Smithsonian Institution on an expedition.  You are voyaging in an ever-changing environment, seeking out the mysteries of biodiversity on your own planet.  You are a witness to the magnificence of the Galápagos.  And as soon as you observe this wonderfully diverse tapestry of life, you realize that it becomes a part of who you are.

(Document presented at the IMAX Theatre.)

To learn more about the Galapagos and this film,
please logon to the Smithsonian Institution web site.





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